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Cathy Narcisse Bridge River Lillooet News Articles....

St'át'imc Chiefs Council....

July 27 2005 Press Release

Concerning The St'át'imc....

Seeking Nortnern St'át'imc Repatriation logo contestThe Upper St’át’imc Language, Culture and Education Society is seeking local artists interested in producing a repatriation logo to help with fundraising to bring our ancestors home.

St’át’imcets - FirstVoices Language Archiving Project. We are pleased to announce the completion of phase one of our St’át’imcets - FirstVoices Language Archiving Project. USLCES has developed a partnership with FirstVoices for this St’át’imcets Revitalization project to support distance language learning.

121 years later, an apology is in works for boy's lynching

Latest info on Residential Schools agreement in principal, Dec 06/05

Chief blasts Fisheries' justice Sept 02/05

Ski resort resurfaces, alarms native bands

Natives bent on halting new resort

Fraser sockeye aren't returning
Hopes for bountiful harvest dashed, commercial fishery in jeopardy

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The Statimc Woman Dream

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Teaching Tradition